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What is a Brave Squad, what makes up a Brave Squad?

A Brave Squad is a dedicated team of professionals that includes a UX Project manager, a Senior UX designer/strategist, and one UX designer based on your project requirement.

Yes. We regularly conduct UX audits to get detailed analyses of how users are engaging with digital platforms.

Can you do a UX audit on my website or app?

What are your communication tools, plan, and process?

Our team is agile. We implement an effective communication plan to ensure the smooth running of any project. By subscribing to our platform, you get access to a dedicated squad that works as a part of your company. You will have two regular standups a week to show, discuss, and update you on your project’s progress.

  1. Zoom meetings: We conduct three meetings in a week – 2 stand-up meetings for 15 minutes and one stakeholder meeting for 30 minutes – 1 hour.

  2. Project management and tracking: We use various project management tools to schedule & track progress. However, we use most times.

  3. Approval of deliverables: We request approvals from stakeholders using Ziflow platform. We always ensure that every process is given due diligence and every progress is noted and approved.

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