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What does BUX Platform do?

BUX Platform is another way of thinking about Design Production. We provide a Platform for Product Leaders that desire to spend more of their time planning and making the organization's strategic decisions instead of managing design teams and sourcing hard to find talent.

Our squad is agile, and project based. We setup squads based on the appropriate resource needed for your project, two Project Managers, a senior UX Designer, a UX Researcher and a Visual Designer eager to execute your project excellently.

How will the squad be working on my project?

Yes. You can run multiple subscriptions to increase your daily project submission when you have a lot of projects, or when you are on a tight schedule. We recommend, however, that you explore our custom subscription plan for the optimum use of our platform.

Can I run multiple subscriptions?

How much input will I have in the design process?

All we need is your project brief. We will send constant updates to you for reviews and approvals. The idea of the Brave squad is to relief you of any stress that comes with managing a design team. You only need to review and approve.

We do everything in-between until you are satisfied.

What other services does BUX  platform offer?

BUX Platform provides a holistic service to our clients. Our services cut across UI/UX design, Product Design, Tech Ideas, Sales Collateral, and Design Concepts. We also operate a Mentoring and Training Program. As a partner, you can leverage our programs to access skilled talent for your design team.

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